Calibration Software


Transmilles ProCal software provides a cost effective and easy to use solution for automating calibration, from a single workstation through to a network multi discipline network.

ProCal comes pre loaded with drivers for many common instruments, including all of Transmilles equipment, Fluke multiproduct calibrators and multimeters, Agilent multimeters, even older Datron equipment.

An industry first approach, ProCal simplifies the task of calibration by providing a graphical interface with clear indication of test status using a 'Traffic light' system, where Green indicates pass, Red indicates a fail and orange indicates a probable fail or probable pass condition.

For ease of use, ProCal comes installed with automated connection prompts, which are displayed in procedures to show common connections. These can be customised by the end user to show exact test setups using the equipment that you have to minimise training requirements when new employees join your laboratory.

ProCal - Writing a Closed Loop Procedure
In this video demonstration we show the steps required to write a Closed Loop Procedure for calibrating an external UUT.
ProCal - System Setup using ProWiz
To assist with configuring a new calibration workstation, Transmille have provided a new utility called ProWiz, which reduces setup time to a matter of minutes.
ProCal - Adding a Standard Resistor
In this short video we demonstrate how a Standard Resistor is entered into the ProCal System using ProSet.
ProCal - Closed Loop Verification & Calibration
In this video we demonstrate the power of ProCal showing closed loop verification and adjustment procedures with a variety of external instruments.
ProCal - Flexible Standards Support
ProCal uses an innovative system where procedures are written around the UUT, not the standard used for calibration.
ProCal - Calibration Walkthrough
In this video Transmille demonstrate the simplicity of performing calibration of a hand held meter using ProCal Software

ProCal offers a power uncertainty calculation system based upon the industry standard M3003 / GUM method. Each individual contribution is visible at time of calculation for independent verification in a clear layout similar to older spreadsheet based methods. Additional sources of uncertainty such as EMF thermal voltages and allowances for repeatability can be added to uncertainty templates for purposes of 17025 accreditation.

ProCal comes pre-loaded with uncertainty databases for all Transmille equipment based on our laboratory uncertainties, which can be adjusted or revised by the end user.

ProCal can control both the UUT and the reference device to perform fully closed loop calibrations. Automatic control of sources and readback from measurement devices is possible through the easy to use command language in ProCal. 

The ProCal suite consists of 4 separate programs to enable fast switching between multiple jobs and providing dedicated interfaces for each task

Free 60 Day Trial

A free unrestricted 60 day trial is available for ProCal software. To request an evaluation copy, please click the 'Request A Quotation' link on the left and a link to the download will be provided. 

There are no 'locked' features in the 60 day trial, and the software is fully compatible with all modern Windows operating systems from Windows XP through to Windows 10