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8081 Evaluation Report


Posted on 25/07/2016 by Michael Bailey

In 2015 Transmille provided INRIM (‚Äč) with an 8081 Precision Digital Multimeter to perform a long-term stability and performance evaluation. We have now received the results, which provide another independent agreement upon the performance and stability of the 8081:

In this report the TRANSMILLE 8081 High Precision DMM was evaluated by the INRIMLab for multifunction programmable instruments calibration in a six-months period. The DMM showed a satisfactory stability and a good agreement with the declared accuracy specifications that are at the level and somewhere even better than other top-class 8.5 digits DMMs.

8081 high Currents (up to 30 A range), low Currents (down to 10 nA range) DC Resistance up to 2 TOhms functions are very useful and not available in other DMMs. Only the 10mA and 100 mA DC current ranges have to be further verified either as declared accuracy and in the adjustment process.

In the 10 A and 30 A ranges in AC Current, the DMM was evaluated also at 5 kHz showing a satisfactory stability. Hence, an evaluation of the specification values for these points could be made by TRANSMILLE and successively added to the current 8081 DMM specifications.