Transmille was founded in 1997 as a commercial calibration service, and soon after began to develop and manufacture a range of electrical calibration products and software to answer a growing requirement for solutions to common problems. Following this small beginning Transmille has worked year on year to provide unique equipment and software for not only our own laboratory but to benefit calibration laboratories and manufacturers across the globe.

Since releasing our very first products we at Transmille have continued to innovate and develop new products for the metrology community, from world first products such as the 2100 electrical test equipment calibrator, through to the worlds lowest cost multi product calibrator the 1000 series. We now produce over 600+ calibration instruments per year, shipping instruments to customers ranging from National Standards Laboratories, manufacturers through to small calibration test houses.

An unrivalled commitment to quality and innovation drives Transmille forwards, with a dedicated design and support team in house with a combined experience of over 60 years in the manufacturing and design of electrical calibration products. We have local distributors across the globe, meaning we can offer one to one support no matter how large or small the customer.


We truly believe in offering Solutions in Calibration, offering bespoke solutions for calibration laboratories and manufacturers across the globe. Our mission statement is not just a phrase, it is our design and support philosophy, offering support and advice that cannot be found elsewhere with a friendly atmosphere.


Each year, Transmille directly visit customers across the globe, holding training seminars, one to one training events, technical conferences as well as produce a series of educational videos on YouTube. We believe that it is the personal touch that makes the difference, and we are always willing to offer impartial advice on the correct equipment for your solution.


Transmille operate three offices across the globe in conjuction with our representatives and distributors.

With our Head Office and UKAS calibration laboratory based in the South East of the UK, we also have a Sales & Support office in Vermont USA to cover the Americas, and a new Sales office in Chennai, India to offer dedicated support for India.

Further information on each of our offices, as well as contact details for our distributors can be found on our Distributor Page



The 8100 Series Multimeter signals a revolution in the way that precision measurements are performed.
  • 4 / 9 PPM Accuracies
  • Up to 30A Current Ranges
  • Resistance Measurement to 1 TOhm
  • Advanced Maths Functions
  • Full Colour Screen
  • USB / RS232 / GPIB / LAN Interfaces
  • Dedicated Low Noise Electrometer Input (8104)
  • Rear Panel Inputs (8104)