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Calibration Schedule Improvements


Posted on 06/02/2017 by Michael Bailey

Following our most recent UKAS Surveillance visit, we are proud to announce a wide range of improvements to schedule of accreditation.

Our DC Voltage uncertainties have been improved considerably, offering uncertainties as low as 0.7ppm for 10V DC, 1ppm for 1V, 100V and 1000V, and 1.5ppm for measurements between 1V and 1000V

In addition, our resistance capability now includes an additional fixed value of 1TΩ, and the ability to measure any value between 0Ω and 100GΩ

Michael Bailey, the Head of Laboratory says 

Our new accreditation schedule reflects the continual improvements we have been making to our laboratory over recent years. With investments in new equipment and migrating more of our standards directly to National Laboratories we continue to offer one of the premier calibration services in the UK for the calibration of high level reference equipment. We are continuing to expand our capabilities and hope to continue to improve our service to truly provide Solutions In Calibration for our clients around the globe.

For further information our full UKAS Schedule can be downloaded from HERE

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*Please note - these uncertainties represent our best case CMC, additional factors such as noise/flicker & UUT resolution can increase uncertainties as reported on our certificates. For more information please contact us where our members of staff can discuss your requirements