Transmille offer 17025 Accredited AC Voltage calibration services from 2mV to 28 kV, from 10Hz to 1MHz using a variety of techniques depending upon the uncertainty required

Low Voltage AC (Below 1kV)

Our laboratory uses precision techniques applicable to the type of work being performed.

Measurement of AC Voltage is performed via thermal transfer standards, which is used to calibrate our internal automated measurement equipment.

Measurements at a wide range of frequencies and levels are possible, across a range from 10 Hz to 1 MHz depending upon the voltage.

High Voltage AC (Above 1kV)

Using high voltage dividers and amplifiers, we can generate and measure up to 28 kV at 50Hz

UKAS AC Voltage Uncertainties

The below ranges are examples, for full information our schedule should be viewed

Measured Quantity

Calibration & Measurement Capability

2.2 mV to 7 mV, 40 Hz to 20 kHz

220 uV/V + 2.2 uV

10 mV, 1 kHz

60 uV/V

70 mV to 220 mV, 500 kHz to 1 MHz

1.2 mV/V + 10 uV

1 V, 10 Hz

220 uV/V

1V, 40 Hz

38 uV/V

1V, 1 kHz

23 uV/V

1V, 1 MHz

520 uV/V

10V, 1 kHz

28 uV/V

5 kV, 50 Hz

0.45 % + 5.0 V

28 kV, 50 Hz

0.80% + 10 V



UKAS accredited laboratory

Working to ISO 17025


7-10 working day turnaround

With express turnaround services available


Competitive prices

With individual UKAS calibration and monthly/annual contracts available


Highly qualified staff

Offering advice and guidance


Total management solutions

For calibration, service and repair work, including web based certificate management


No third parties

All of your calibration service requirements from a single supplier


Collection and Delivery

Across the South East (minimum collection quantities apply)

Calibration Services