COVID 19 Updates

Transmille have made adjustments to our business so that we can continue to serve our customers with minimal interruption through these difficult times.

Transmille have made adjustments to our business so that we can continue to serve our customers with minimal interruption through these difficult times.

We thank all of our customers for continuing to use our services, and please assist us continue to operate by adhering to any changes in policies that we have regarding fast turnaround or collection / delivery.

This page will be updated as information changes

To ensure the health and safety of our employees, we have allowed members of staff to work from home where possible in our Front Office and Software teams.

Our phones and emails will be answered as normal, however if you do experience delays we do ask that you please bear with us as many members of staff have young families and it may not be possible to pick up the phone immediately.

If your enquiry is of a technical nature we encourage you to use our Support Portal where we may have already written an answer to your question, and if you require access to certificates please ensure that you contact us to register for your online Portal Account

Our calibration service continues to operate, but with minimised staffing levels to assist maintaining distancing.

At this time we are not able to offer a fast turnaround service, however we are still offering our full range of services for calibration

We continue to offer our local collection and delivery service, however there are modifications to this service so that we can ensure the safety of our staff.

  1. Collections are now subject to a minimum quantity of units to collect. This will vary depending upon the value of the instruments/ calibration work as well as distance from our facility and the proximity of other collections
  2. A contact free delivery / collection service is being offered, with customers requested to collect items from our van upon arrival at your premises to mimimise interactions. 
  3. Our driver is instructed to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from all customers. Any customer that does not maintain this minimum distance will have their collection/delivery denied and will have to re-organise a collection via courier

To assist our customers, any customer that we would normally collect from but does not have the minimum quantity of instruments we can arrange a courier to collect from your premises

New products are continuing to ship, with Transmille accepting orders globally.

We have experienced minimal disruption to our supply chains due to holding large quantities of stock and having multiple suppliers across the globe.

We are currently seeing a delay of approximately 2 weeks on new orders due to lower staff levels and are working on providing updated delivery estimates on request

Our Software Support team are fully operational, and although working from home able to offer our full services including remote assistance.

We are not performing on site installations of software at this time, and request that any remote work is scheduled in as far in advance as possible to assist with scheduling