Precision Multimeters

Transmilles high precision digital multimeter range offers a wide variety of functions to help assist laboratories with different measurements. With advanced functions including ratio, PRT, thermocouple & accuracies as low as four parts per million Transmille has designed their range of multimeters to have the versatility and accuracy for a wide range of calibration laboratories varying from small organisations up to national labs.
The Transmille multimeter range offers a cost effective solution to a wide variety of precision measurements in your calibration laboratory. With the Transmille 8100 multimeter combined the 8500 low thermal scanner and using the ProGraph software you can extended the capabilities to turn the 8100 into a high precision data logger for measuring precision references.

8100 Precision Multimeter 8100 Precision Multimeter Precision Multimeter More Info 8500 Low Thermal 10 Channel Scanner 8500 Low Thermal 10 Channel Scanner Low Thermal Scanner More Info ProGraph ProGraph Measurement Analysis Software More Info 8158 Advanced Digitising Multimeter 8158 Advanced Digitising Multimeter Advanced Multimeter More Info