Transmilles high precision digital multimeter range offers a wide variety of functions to help assist laboratories with different measurements. With advanced functions including ratio, PRT, thermocouple & accuracies as low as four parts per million Transmille has designed their range of multimeters to have the versatility and accuracy for a wide range of calibration laboratories varying from small organisations up to national labs.

The Transmille multimeter range offers a cost effective solution to a wide variety of precision measurements in your calibration laboratory. With the Transmille 8100 multimeter combined the 8500 low thermal scanner and using the ProGraph software you can extended the capabilities to turn the 8100 into a high precision data logger for measuring precision references.

8100 Precision Multimeter

Precision Multimeter

The 8100 Series Multimeter signals a revolution in the way that precision measurements are performed.

  • 4 / 9 PPM Accuracies
  • Resistance Measurement to 1 TOhm
  • Full Colour Screen
  • Dedicated Low Noise Electrometer Input (8104)
  • Up to 30A Current Ranges
  • Advanced Maths Functions
  • USB / RS232 / GPIB / LAN Interfaces
  • Rear Panel Inputs (8104)
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8500 Low Thermal 10 Channel Scanner

Low Thermal Scanner

Automation of measurements using the 8500 Low Thermal Scanner allows a completely automated measurement system to be realised.

  • 10 channels referenced to a single output on the rear of the unit
  • 200V Maximum Voltage
  • <150nV Thermal EMF (Typical)
  • 4 terminal Kelvin switching (2 voltage, 2 current terminals)
  • 1A Maximum Current
  • <0.2 Ohms Switch Resistance
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Measurement Analysis Software

Designed to be used in conjunction with the 8000 Precision Multimeter Series and 8500 Low Thermal Scanner, ProGraph provides an instant solution for graphing stability, temperature and many other parameters.

  • Instant compatibility with 8000/8500
  • Up to 11 measurement channels
  • All measurement functions of 8000 series available
  • A turn-key solution, no programming required
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8158 Advanced Digitising Multimeter

Advanced Multimeter

The NEW 8158 Advanced Digitising Multimeter from Transmille has been designed as a modern replacement for aging multimeters without compromise.

  • 100,000 Samples Per Second
  • 8ppm Basic DCV Accuracy
  • Universal Input Voltage
  • Digital AC Measurement
  • GPIB, USB, RS232 and LAN Interfaces
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Option FRQ

For calibration of high accuracy frequency counters, a 1ppm high stability frequency output is available on 3000/4000 only.


Option GPIB

Additional GPIB / IEEE 488 interface for connecting into existing systems


Option IND

For full calibration of LCR meters, an inductance output is required. Option IND adds 8 fixed inductance values to enable complete calibration, available on 3000/4000 only.


Option INS

Enables calibration of insulation testers up to 1000V/1GOhm, and continuity testers with up to 320mA testing current.available on 1000 series only.


Option PRT

Precision 4 Wire PRT output for guaranteed compatibility with both DC meters and AC bridges available on 3000/4000 only.



Option PWRDDS expands on the functionality of PWRSINE by adding the ability to simulate harmonics, distortion, dropouts and flicker for calibration of power meters with power quality functions,available on 3000/4000 only.



Enables calibration of power and wattmeters, with a dynamically controlled phase relationship between voltage and current outputs available on 3000/4000 only.


Option SCP250

Providing calibration for oscilloscopes to 250Mhz bandwidth available on 3050A only.


Option SCP350

Providing calibration for oscilloscopes to 350Mhz bandwidth available on 3000/4000 only.


Option SCP600

Providing calibration for oscilloscopes to 600Mhz bandwidth available on 3000/4000 only.


Option SYS

Option SYS incorporates our most popular options at discounted price.



In addition to passive resistance fitted as standard, option SIMRC adds variable resistance and simulated capacitance outputs available on 3000/4000 only.