2080 17th Edition Electrical Check Box

Electricians Test Equipment

  • Insulation Testers
  • RCD Testers
  • Loop Testers
  • Wiring Check
  • Included calibration checksheet for your instrument




Designed with low cost, portability and ease of use in mind, the 2080 provides on or off site verification of RCD testers, Loop testers, Continuity and Insulation testers and multifunction testers.

The 2080 is simple to use and provides the following tests :

Insulation Testers

  • 3 high value resistors (1 MOhm, 9.9 MOhm and 99 MOhm) for testing resistance measurements
  • LED indication of test voltage at 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V
  • 3 low value resistors (0.5 Ohms, 2 Ohms and 10 Ohms) for testing of continuity function (as applicable)
  • AC Line voltage output for test voltage measurement

RCD Testers

  • Dedicated 13A socket provides instant testing of RCD testers
  • fixed test points of 10mA @ 150ms, 30mA @ 150ms and 150mA @ 30ms
  • LED indicators of test status

Loop Testers

  • Provides Loop and Loop + 1 Ohm test function for quick verification of Loop testers

Wiring Check

  • When connected to mains, the 2080 will indicate correct or incorrect wiring through 3 LEDs for instant feedback

Included with the 2080 is a calibration check sheet for your instrument.

2080 Checkbox

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