PRECISION Multiproduct Calibrator

  • 0 – 1000V DC / AC Voltage
  • 0 – 30A DC / AC Current
  • 0 – 1 GOhm Resistance
  • 1nF – 10mF Capacitance
  • 1Hz – 10MHz Frequency
  • Range of external accessories to increase workload





The 3000 series offers the widest workload coverage of any multi-product calibrator, with the ability to calibrate 18 types of instrument. It has the power to drive older analogue instruments alongside the accuracy to calibrate modern digital instruments.


The 3000 series features three models designed to suit every budget and accuracy requirement, and with a wide range of options that allow your calibrator to be tailored to meet your needs, the 3000 series is expandable for future needs.


Automate calibration with Procal – the world’s easiest to use multi-discipline calibration software for maximum calibration throughput.

3050A Specifications

3050A Specifications


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

0 - ±1000V


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

0 - ±22A


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

20mV - 1000V, 10Hz - 100MHz


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

20uA - 22A, 10Hz - 10kHz


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

0 - 100 MOhms


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

10nF - 1uF


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

1Hz - 10MHz


Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

J / K / T / R / S / B / U / N / E / L / U / C / 10uV°C



3000 Series

Transmille oscilloscope calibration options have amplitude ranges up to 300V to offer calibration of a wider range of oscilloscopes than our competitors.

Examples of oscilloscopes that require verification at these ranges are the Tektronix THS700A series and the Hanascope 801.

Transmille’s EA001/EA001A has been designed to minimise typical errors associated with calibration of thermocouple meters that are ignored by other designs.

By making the thermocouple option external, the low voltage output (in the order of 0mV to 100mV, with accuracies in the microvolt level required for accurate simulation) is away from any heat generating components in the calibrator therefore reducing any localised thermal EMF effects.

The inclusion of a Thermocouple plug removes the need to find compensation cables of the correct type, which is a considerable source of error. If the wrong type of compensation cable (for example, when simulating a K type thermocouple, a J type compensating cable) is used there will be a significant error introduced through use of the wrong cable.

Finally, a temperature measurement is conducted at the connection with the UUT, in the thermocouple plug itself. This is measuring the cold junction as close to the internal measurement of the UUT as possible, removing localised differences in temperature.

For further information on the design of our thermocouple option, please view our YouTube video HERE.

Transmille products have been designed to most accurately represent the requirements of modern commercial laboratories and the typical equipment that is found inside.

Almost all modern computers are fitted with a USB interface, so to enable direct connection without the requirement for additional adapters a USB connection is provided.

IEEE 488/GPIB interfaces are typically quite expensive, and are another lead/connection to remember when performing on-site calibration work.

GPIB interface options are available on our multiproduct calibrators, and are included as standard on the 8000 series multimeters.

The 30A output on Transmille multiproduct calibrators is included to ensure not only calibration of clamp meters up to 1500A, but also for calibration of low value high current shunts that would otherwise require a dedicated power supply which is an additional instrument that requires calibration.

The 30A function is limited by a thermal cut-out, that when the units internal temperature reaches a predetermined limit the output will be turned off.

The length of time that the 30A output is active for depends mainly upon the load that is connected, a higher resistance of load will mean that more power is dissipated within the load, reducing the self-heating of the high current section of the calibrator.

The worst-case scenario is that of a short across the output terminals, where all of the heat is being dissipated inside the heatsink of the calibrator. In the case of a coil that provides a considerable load (especially at AC, where the resistive and inductive effects of the coil take effect) the 30A can be present for much longer as the heat is being dissipated inside the coil.

We believe that safety is a prime consideration of a laboratory, second only to performance of our products.

Imagine a situation where a laboratory technician has finished calibration for the day, and has disconnected the instrument under test, but left the voltage source on at a setting of 1000V AC.

Later that evening, a cleaner comes into your laboratory or facility and touches the test leads left on the bench, potentially receiving a very nasty shock. Transmille have added this safety feature to avoid situations of this type from happening.

There are, however, cases where the timeout wishes to be extended, or even disabled. This can be performed through the Calibrator Setup program via your computer, or can be disabled prior to shipping on request.

3050A Resources

3050A Resources

3000A Calibration Resources

3000A Calibration Resources

Transmille Product Guide
Transmille Warranty

Transmille Warranty

Videos & Demos

Videos & Demos

3000A Service Guide - Entering Calibration Mode

In this video, we show how to enter the calibration mode of the 3000A series multiproduct calibrator from the front panel.

3000A Service Guide - Adjusting DC Voltage

In this video we show how to adjust the DC voltage output of the 3000A series multiproduct calibrator. Using the guided calibration mode this is a simple procedure, which can be performed in just a few minutes.

3000A Service Guide - Adjusting AC Voltage

In this video we demonstrate how to adjust the AC voltage output of the 3000A series multiproduct calibrator.

3000A Service Guide - Output Protection Fuse Replacement

In this video we show how to diagnose and replace the front panel output protection fuses on the 3000A series calibrator.

How To - Calibrate a Multimeter with the 3000A Calibrator

In this video we demonstrate how to verify key features of a typical digital multimeter using a 3010A Multiproduct Calibrator

Options & Accessories


3000 Lead

A comprehensive set of test leads providing every connection required for typical measurements


3xxx Soft Case

A lightweight solution for transporting your investment

Designed for transporting your calibrator through couriers and harsh environments, with custom laser cut foam for holding units securely

A superior thermocouple simulation/measurement option, using a unique external adapter.

  • Offers fast and accurate calibration of thermocouple meters
  • Uses an innovative external measurement of cold junction temperature for ultimate accuracy
  • Utilising a thermocouple plug removes the requirement for expensive thermocouple compensation cable

Calibrate clamp meters at up to 1500A using the EA002 clamp meter. A unique design enables clamps of all sizes to be used, while minimising errors due to alignment

  • Calibrates clamp meters up to 1500A (30A input)
  • 2/10/50 Turn Coils
  • High accuracy AC/DC design, with minimal errors due to alignment
  • Wide range of clamp sizes covered, from 10mm jaw diameter to larger clamps
  • Alignment table included for accurate and repeatable readings

Instantly add the ability to calibrate tachometers to 60,000 RPM by adding the EA003 to your calibrator

  • High-intensity LED light source
  • Direct keyboard input in RPM
  • Control via ProCal for fully automated calibration
  • Output range from 60 to 60,000 RPM


Option GPIB

Additional GPIB / IEEE 488 interface for connecting into existing systems


Option SCP250

Providing calibration for oscilloscopes to 250Mhz bandwidth available on 3050A only.

For integration in to mobile test systems, or permanent installation in a laboratory, a 19" rack system is provided

An external pressure module for use with Transmille products, designed to extend capabilities to 1 PSI

An external pressure module for use with Transmille products, designed to extend capabilities to 5 PSI

An external pressure module for use with Transmille products, designed to extend capabilities to 10 PSI