6080A Plus Battery Powered PAT Tester

Electricians Test Equipment

  • Standalone battery operation
  • 230V and 110V appliance testing
  • Visual pass/fail test indicator
  • Bond current @ 25A/10A/100mA
  • Insulation resistance @ 500V
  • Leakage current @ 230V




Re-defining rapid safety testing, the Transmille 6080A battery powered portable appliance tester provides simple, fast and safe PAT testing for both independent contractors and in house safety testing. An ideal solution for reducing PAT testing costs by performing testing in house.

Providing instant ‘One Click’ testing, the 6080A provides instant visual feedback on the pass/fail status of an appliance, indicating pass/fail through LED indicators on the front panel of the instrument.

Compared against the 5080A PAT tester, the 6080A PLUS adds the following features :

  • Integrated Keyboard for on site entry of Asset details
  • 110V and 230V appliance test functions
  • Dedicated IEC/Extension lead testing functionality
  • Self Test function
  • Fuse check function
  • Larger battery for additional tests between charging cycles

Automating the processor of recording pass/fail results, the 6080A provides data download functionality to your computer, and is fully compatible with Transmille’s PRODRS software and Simply Pats software



  • Standalone battery operation
  • Integrated keyboard for on site asset management
  • 230V and 110V appliance testing, essential for worksite environments
  • Bond current @ 25A / 10A / 100mA – All under battery power
  • Insulation resistance @ 500V
  • Leakage Current @ 230V
  • IEC / Extension lead testing
  • Self Test function
  • Appliance Fuse Test
  • Fuse check function
  • Visual pass/fail test
  • Fast charger included
  • Data download ready
  • Compatible with Transmille PRODRS software and Simply Pats software


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