80xx Soft Case

Designed for transporting your multimeter short distances or for on site use, the 80xx soft case provides a ligher alternative to a traditional hard case.

The softcase can be used without removing the unit, as front and rear zip sections unzip to allow access to front and rear panel connections


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Precision Multimeters

8100 Series Precision Multimeter



The 8100 Series Multimeter signals a revolution in the way that precision measurements are performed.
  • 4 / 9 PPM Accuracies
  • Up to 30A Current Ranges
  • Resistance Measurement to 1 TOhm
  • Advanced Maths Functions
  • Full Colour Screen
  • USB / RS232 / GPIB / LAN Interfaces
  • Dedicated Low Noise Electrometer Input (8104)
  • Rear Panel Inputs (8104)

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