Capacitance Calibration

  • Accredited measurements from 10pF to 10uF
  • Measurement at 1kHz




Transmille offer 17025 Accredited Resistance calibration from 10 pF to 10 uF at 1 kHz, with capability to measure and generate up to 100 mF for traceable calibrations

Decade Capacitors (Measured at 1 kHz)

Using high accuracy LCR Bridges, Transmille can perform measurements on Standard Capacitors via direct comparison to our internal laboratory standards.

Measurements are performed at 1 kHz, as either a 2 or 3 terminal measurement

Intermediate Values

Transmille can also measure and generate values between decade points, from 10 pF to 10 uF



UKAS Capacitance Uncertainties

UKAS Capacitance Uncertainties

The below ranges are examples, for full information our schedule should be viewed

Measured Quantity Calibration & Measurement Capability
10 pF 16 fF
100 pF 18 fF
1 nF 180 fF
10 nF 2.1 pF
100 nF 20 pF
1 uF 190 pF
10 pF to 10 uF 500 uF/F + 0.20 pF