The EXT HV Adapter allows insulation testers with test voltages of up to 15kV to be used with the 3200. Resistances of up to 1TOhm are available.

  • Calibrates insulation testers at voltages up to 15kV
  • Simulates resistances up to 1TOhm
  • External Option, can be purchased for use with pre-existing equipment




The high resistance insulation adapter for the 3200B/9200B provides a low-cost solution for the resistance calibration of some makes of high voltage (above 1kV) insulation testers, avoiding the problem of obtaining calibrated high value, high voltage resistors.

The adapter both increases the test voltage at which calibration can be performed, and also increases the resistance range of the 3200B by a factor of 10. This allows the standard 3200B to be used for resistance calibration of testers up to 15kV at up to 200 GOhms. With the 10G option fitted to the 3200B, values of up to 1 TOhm can be simulated.


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