Poole Instrument Calibration Ltd have been using Transmille calibrators for in excess of 15 years, we have always found the hardware to be reliable and easy to use, and easily upgradeable to meet the ever increasing customer requirements.

The software is continually developed and improved, being fully adaptable and interactive. It more than meets the needs of rapid calibration for customers who require traceable calibrations, and efficiently deals with dynamic uncertainty budget calculations required by our ISO/IEC17025 UKAS calibration Laboratory.

The service provided by the team at Transmille is second to none, I have always found them very helpful, processing calibration and repairs in a timely and reliable manner, with great communication.

Our Transmille calibrators have proved a valuable investment to our calibration laboratories.

As a company we pride ourselves on service to the customer, this can only be supported with robust, reliable and above all accurate calibration equipment, Transmille certainly deliver on all counts!

Matthew Suter - Managing Director

We have worked closely with Transmille for over 20 years, they have become a trusted partner for our business not only as a manufacturer and calibration house but a trusted software vendor also. We have a number of Transmille products in our laboratories and out in the field with our site teams. We have found them to be not only good value for money but stable and repeatable; good quality standards, which are providing years of reliable service. We utilise the Procal suite across our laboratories, over recent years the software has gone from strength to strength especially with the development of the SQL based version. This allows us to operate in a much more streamlined manner providing a quick and easy solution for laboratory management, pricing and calibration. We are very please with the service we have received over the years, The Transmille team are helpful, polite and effective and happy to adapt and advise with our growing needs. We couldn’t recommend them enough

Tony Cox

The Calibration Centre was founded in 2002 as a UK test instrument calibration & repair company. We implemented Transmille ProCal & ProCal-Track Software and based our systems around these from the word ‘go’ – this complemented our first hardware purchase, a 2041 Multi-product Calibrator. Since then, as our company has grown, so has our relationship with Transmille. We now have a custom built laboratory with Transmille Calibrators gracing every workstation, comprising of a fleet of 3200 & 3200A to handle our PAT/Installation tester calibrations & 2050/3050A calibrators to handle some of the multi-product calibrations. Every instrument is booked in & documented via v6 of ProCal-Track whilst ProCal takes care of the calibration procedures & calibration certificates. Our customers are also able to access their certificates via our investment into Transmille’s cloud-based portal Pro-Web. All of our equipment is also maintained & calibrated annually via Transmille at their UKAS laboratory.

Paul Hanlon

In this report the TRANSMILLE mod. 8081 high precision DMM was evaluated by the INRIM-Lab for multifunction programmable instruments calibration in a six-months period. The DMM showed a satisfactory stability and a good agreement with the declared accuracy specifications that are at the level and somewhere even better than other top-class 8.5 digits DMMs. 8081 high Currents (up to 30 A range), low Currents (down to10 nA range) DC Resistance up to 2 TR functions are very useful and not available in other DMMs.

You can read the full report here

INRIM Calibration Laboratory

La Corporación Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico del Gas (CDT de GAS) posee acreditación en Colombia bajo norma ISO/IEC 17025 en laboratorios de calibración de Volumen y Caudal de Gas, Presión, Temperatura y Señales Eléctricas, este último, con patrones de referencia Transmille 8081 y Transmille 3041. Los equipos Transmille han demostrado alta estabilidad en el tiempo, complementando así su excelente especificación de exactitud. La calibración de equipos de señales eléctricas empleando patrones Transmille, ha asegurado robustez en las mediciones y reducción de los tiempos de calibración, debido a la facilidad de uso de estos equipos. Otra ventaja, es la capacidad del laboratorio de calibración de Transmille, el cual cuenta con la suficiente experiencia para el mantenimiento de la trazabilidad de estos equipos.

Google Translate – The Gas Technological Development Center Corporation (GAS CDT) has accreditation in Colombia under ISO / IEC 17025 in laboratories for calibration of volume and flow of gas, pressure, temperature and electrical signals, the latter, with reference patterns Transmille 8081 and Transmille 3041. The Transmille equipment has demonstrated high stability over time, thus complementing its excellent accuracy specification. The calibration of electrical signal equipment using Transmille standards has ensured robustness in the measurements and reduced calibration times, due to the ease of use of these equipment. Another advantage is the capacity of the calibration laboratory of Transmille, which has sufficient experience to maintain the traceability of these equipment.

La Corporación Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico del Gas

Iomicrom S.A.S. encontró grandes soluciones en Transmille para la implementación del laboratorio de metrología en Colombia. Con la estabilidad, alta exactitud y fácil manejo de sus equipos y el oportuno soporte técnico es posible automatizar procedimientos de calibración que mejoran considerablemente los tiempos requeridos, abarcando gran variedad de equipos de muy alta especificación.

Google Translate –  Iomicrom S.A.S. found great solutions in Transmille for the implementation of the metrology laboratory in Colombia. With the stability, high accuracy and easy handling of their equipment and the timely technical support, it is possible to automate calibration procedures that significantly improve the required times, covering a wide variety of very high specification equipment.

Iomicrom S.A.S

La Central Hidroeléctrica Paute es la única en su clase que cuenta con un laboratorio de Metrología en el Ecuador el cual está operativo desde el año 2008, entre sus magnitudes más importantes en lo que se refiere a calibración se encuentra la eléctrica, para estos fines se adquirieron dos equipos patrones marca TRANSMILLE siendo estos un MULTÍMETRO DE ALTA EXACTITUD modelo 8081 y un MULTICALIBRADOR modelo 3010 los cuales hasta la fecha no han presentado ningún inconveniente demostrando una alta exactitud en las mediciones y confiabilidad en los resultados de calibración.


Google Translation – The Paute Hydroelectric Power Plant is the only one of its kind that has a Metrology Laboratory in Ecuador which has been in operation since 2008, among its most important magnitudes in terms of calibration is the electric one, for these purposes they acquired two TRANSMILLE brand standard equipment, these being a HIGH ACCURACY MULTIMETER model 8081 and a MULTI-CALIBRATOR model 3010, which to date have not presented any inconvenience demonstrating a high accuracy in the measurements and reliability in the calibration results.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Team at Transmille for all their support over the past 10 years. I remember the very first Transmille right from the outset around 20 years ago and decided to use Transmille calibration equipment from the start here at Re-CAL.  Now, 10 years and seven calibrators later here we are. The support given at every level, from Liz in admin, to Stuart on software. Technical or not the service has been fantastic. I hope that our long standing relationship may continue to grow and look forward to future products and packages that may further help our business. Keep up the good work and thanks to all.

Re-CAL Calibration Services Ltd