Due to current developments of the Corona Covid-19 virus escalation in the UK, Transmille Ltd has implemented the following contingency plans at this time : 
• Non-essential business travel will be limited and we will be holding essential meetings via conference call and e-meetings where possible. 
• Factory visits to our premises will be limited to existing commitments only, with new appointments delayed to a later time (to be discussed with the relevant party). 
• In order for product manufacturing, distribution and service to proceed as normal we have secured sufficient parts and assemblies to see us through the current health emergency, and will communicate any changes as soon as possible. 
• There are currently no suspected cases of COVID-19 within Transmille. By putting these measures in place and exercising a high level of caution we are confident in our ability to provide our normal high level of service throughout this period of uncertainty.

Our contingency plans will apply for the rest of March, with a plan to review in early April. We aim to minimise any risks to our staff during this uncertain period whilst continuing normal calibrations services, product manufacturing and distribution operations. Should you need any further information regarding any of the above then please do not hesitate to contact us.