Warranty on new units

Warranty for Models 3010A, 304A1 & 3050A is 3 Years.

Warranty for Models 4010 & 4015 is 3 Years, with exclusion of the Front Panel display which is 1 Year.

Warranty on ALL other Transmille products is 1 Year.

Physical damage is excluded from all warranties. This includes the use of pens, screwdrivers etc on screens.

Warranty covers the cost of repair and the return shipping only. The cost of carriage to us and the issue of a new certificate of calibration is not covered by our warranty. If the unit fails within the first 90 days, the cost of return carriage (after prior agreement) and the cost of issuing a new Certificate of Calibration will be covered. Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse of the instrument or damage in transit. Transmille does not accept responsibility for loss or damage caused in transit for shipments arranged by the customer either to or from Transmille – the customer should adequately insure these shipments. Transmille is not liable for any customs charges/fees that may apply.

Warranty on re-calibration

Transmille gives no warranty against any faults developing on an instrument after it has been calibrated by us (note that calibrating / servicing does not cause faults).

Warranty on repairs

Outside the normal warranty period Transmille will repair free of charge if exactly the same fault reoccurs within 30 days of the original repair including issue of a new calibration certificate if appropriate. This does not include any additional costs incurred other than repair of the original fault.

Recalibration After Repair

All repairs will be recalibrated and a new certificate issued. The cost of recalibration will be added to the cost of the repair.

Software Warranties

Transmille software is sold ‘as is’. Free trials are available to confirm that the software is suitable for your application.  In the event of software issues rendering key functions unavailable, Transmille will provide updates free of charge within 1 year of purchase. No responsibility is accepted for down time or data loss. It is the customers responsibility to ensure computers and network infrastructure is capable of running Transmille software prior to purchase. Customers are responsible for maintaining appropriate backups and applying updates when notified in a timely fashion.