4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator

The new 4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator revolutionises the way that calibration is performed.

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4010 Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator

The 4000 Series supplements the 3000A Series with an additional range of products with advanced display capability. The 400 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator adds functions such as procedure mode, printing via USB and extended oscilloscope ranges.

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8000 Series Precision Multimeters

8081 4ppm 8.5 Digit Multimeter

The 8081 is a laboratory grade precision multimeter, offering accuracy of 4ppm and 8.5 digit resolution. Designed to be the mainstay of your laboratory.

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Electrical Test Equipment Calibrators

3200B Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator

The 3200B Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator allows calibration of electricians test tools such as RCD/GFI Testers, Loop testers, Insulation testers and PAT Testers

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Calibration Software

ProCal Calibration Software

ProCal Calibration Software

Simplify your calibration through advanced software from Transmille. ProCal can automate your test equipment and increase productivity while reducing errors.

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3000A Series Multiproduct Calibrators

3010a Multiproduct Calibrator

3010A Multiproduct Calibrator

8 ppm laboratory reference calibrator with AC/DC Voltage to 1000V, AC/DC Current to 30A, 2 and 4 wire resistance to 1GOhm and capacitance all fitted as standard.

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1000 Series Multifunction Calibrator

1000B Benchtop Multifunction Calibrator

1000B Benchtop Multifunction Calibrator

The 1000B offers a highly economical solution for the calibration of handheld and bench instruments, offering all the capabilities; functionality and accuracy of a traditional full size calibrator.

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Precision References and Standards

NEW - A series of AC/DC current shunts for currents of up to 100A. 

Exceptional frequency flatness characteristics through use of a coaxial design enable accurate high frequency current measurements, with stable DC characteristics

AC/DC Shunts

The AC/DC current shunts are designed for high stability transfer for AC/DC current. Transmille offer a set of current shunts enabling measurement of current from 20uA through to 100A

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Frequency Source / Measurement

8600 Frequency Calibrator

8600 Frequency Source/Measurement GPS Standard

Ensuring an accurate frequency source in your laboratory is a key consideration in modern laboratories. The 8600 combines a GPS referenced frequency source with variable output from 1 Hz through to 1 GHz, with an advanced frequency counter.

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