We are pleased to announce that starting from 2nd January 2024, Transmille’s UK based UKAS Laboratory will be operating at 23°C.

Based on our customers evolving requirements, based on surveys we have identified that it would be beneficial to a large proportion of our customer base for our laboratory to operate at 23°C.

All calibrations will be performed at 23°C ambient temperature moving forward, however we retain the ability to perform calibrations of Standard Resistors, Standard Capacitors and other smaller pieces of equipment temperatures between 18°C and 25°C in our oil and air baths.

This move will not affect the uncertainties/accuracy of any Transmille multi-product calibrators as these are specified with a Tcal of +/- 5°C. For Transmille multimeters or reference standards, the larger TCal allowance specification should be used for laboratories operating at 20°C after the next calibration.