8600 Frequency Source/Measurement GPS Standard

Frequency Source/Measurement

  • Frequency source to 1Ghz with dedicated 10MHz direct GPS output
  • Measurement to 1GHz
  • Integrated GPS reference for the ultimate in accuracy
  • A-B Phase output for verification of phase measurement functions of counter-timers
  • Dual VFD displays for convenience




The 8600 Frequency Source / Measure GPS Standard has been designed to able to calibrate all functions of modern handheld and bench frequency counters and signal sources.

A high accuracy precision GPS reference frequency of up to 1 GHz is available, with outputs for A-B phase and variable levels for confirming trigger levels of modern counter-timer units

In addition, unlike other GPS references, the 8600 also adds the ability to measure frequencies of up to 1 GHz with high precision, removing the requirement for an additional instrument in your laboratory.

Utilising the latest in GPS reference technology, the 8600 combines both frequency source and measurement into a single integrated solution.

Dual VFD displays provide the user with a dedicated source/measure readout, with direct access to detailed settings and satellite Lock/signal information.

8600 Resources

8600 Resources