In the current business climate, a lot of businesses are working with reduced staffing levels and working from home to minimise person to person contact. This has caused great disruption to a lot of business processes, with paper based systems no longer functioning as key members of staff are not necessarily available to perform key processes.

Transmille’s ProCal Suite has been designed to minimise the use of paper throughout the organisation, and allow all processes to be fully digitised and person to person contact minimised.

Digital Job Sheets follow an instrument throughout it’s life cycle, with the full instrument history visible to all users of the software, and with the optional ProWeb module visible to the end customer as well via an online portal.

Customers purchase orders can be scanned and linked to orders, meaning that for accredited organisations Contract Review can be performed by remote workers who get full visibility of each stage of the calibration process, and access to any documents generated by technicians, office staff or the customer.

ProSales allows quotations to be generated and sent to customers digitally, as well as a full record of customer pricing discounts. Further integration with Sage allows automatic creation of Invoices when work is performed, minimising manual data entry and further assisting to perform work with a reduced staffing level.

Using Remote Access software, the Head of Laboratory or Quality manager can view full laboratory workload levels including dynamic priority lists which automatically order work by priority and the received date, highlighting overdue work to allow workloads to be distributed and managed amongst the workers in the office to process work as efficiently as possible.

Through the use of ProCal, automation of measurements reduces the time taken to perform repetative measurements, with closed loop procedures available for the most common instruments which help technicians perform their work faster and with less ‘hands on’ time with equipment. Many closed loop procedures require lead switching only 2-3 times across the entire procedure, meaning that technicians can perform multiple jobs simultaneously with all results recorded digitally with full uncertainty calculations performed automatically.

Finally, to ensure that customers work is coming in for re-calibration, ProCal-Track can generate automatic recalibration notifications which are sent via email to your customers, and full reports can be generated to easily and quickly display the amount of work that has not been returned to provide to remote workers to contact customers, with facilities to easily leave notes for co-workers in the CRM functions within ProSales

To find out more about the ProCal suite, please Contact Us to receive a free trial of ProCal. We can also provide advise on how best to adjust your organisation to new normal and digitalisation to assist with optimising your workflow as best as possible.